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Sample command to run miner:

Net1: ccminer -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://padraigvtcnode.ddns.net:9171 -u address -p x

Net2: ccminer -a lyra2v2 -o stratum+tcp://padraigvtcnode.ddns.net:9181 -u address -p x

Difficulty tweaks:

Share Difficulty: address/number - where number is the chosen share difficulty.
Lowest share diff is 0. Use MH/s * 1 to roughly find your ideal chosen diff.
Example lowest number : Address in the ccminer command becomes address/0

Pseudo Share Difficulty: address+number - where number is "hashrate in KH/s" * 0.00000116
Pseudo share difficulty will help minimize the amount of traffic from your miner to the P2Pool node
Example with 1440 Kh/s : 1440 * 0.00000116 = 0.0016704.
Address in the ccminer command then becomes address+0.0016704

You can set both share and pseudo share diffuculty settings together by using: address/sharediff+pseudodiff
Example : address/0+0.0016704 as address in the ccminer command

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